Cuisine - A journey from the East to the West

Cuisine - A journey from the East to the West

At Peridot Gallery Hotel, we pride ourselves on offering our guests unique and diverse culinary experiences. SON Restaurant, located on the 11th floor, is an unmissable destination for those who adore the flavors from both the East and the West. With its warm, elegant ambiance, SON is the ideal spot for enjoying a cozy dinner with family and friends. In contrast to SON’s warm atmosphere, Cinnabar, the sky bar situated on the hotel’s top floor, offers a modern and expansive space where guests can savor unique cocktails, enjoy vibrant live music, and take in panoramic views of Hanoi from above. This is a special experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

SON Restaurant

SON restaurant, located on the 11th floor of Peridot Gallery Hotel, offers guests a unique and luxurious culinary experience. From its elevated position, the restaurant boasts a magnificent view, encompassing the entire central area of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, creating an ideal ambiance to enjoy meals while admiring the poetic urban landscape. The interior space is designed with elegance and sophistication, blending modern and traditional elements, providing a warm and upscale atmosphere. The menu at SON is a delicate combination of humble Vietnamese cuisine and the limitless creativity of talented chefs, turning each dish into a memorable culinary masterpiece.


Cinnabar, located on the highest floor of the Peridot Gallery Hotel, is the ideal destination for those seeking a sophisticated and luxurious relaxation space. With its expansive view, the bar encompasses the stunning beauty of central Hanoi’s Old Quarter, offering a magnificent cityscape from above. The space of Cinnabar is intricately designed, modern yet warm, creating an ideal atmosphere for unwinding and enjoyment. It’s the perfect spot for guests to savor a cocktail, engage in conversations with friends, or simply to admire the golden moments of sunset amidst the poetic scenery of Hanoi. Cinnabar is not just a unique stopover; it’s an essential experience for travelers on their journey to explore Hanoi.


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